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Bird Consulting Group, founded in 1996, is a comprehensive one-stop firm, dedicated to assisting both for-profit and non-profit organizations in realizing their full potential politically and strategically.


...more now than ever, find themselves in need of ethical, professional assistance when dealing with the political climate on the Federal, State and Local levels. Governmental policy decisions regularly affect corporate ability to maximize potential. Bird Consulting Group (BCG) actively facilitates the opportunity for client interests to be professionally represented to a wide range of elected and appointed decision makers. BCG has the ability to influence, educate, and perpetuate positive outcomes for the client. 

Our group specializes in tough federal, state, and local issues. We offer assistance in gaining access to publicly elected officials from City Councils to the White House, and give the personal, hands-on support many busy executives need in designing both long-term and short-term approaches in creating, and realizing a well developed strategic system for influencing policy, and facilitating policy change and innovation.Photo 2

Our successes for past and current clients include:

  • Garnering over 11 million dollars in federal set-asides, corporate, and foundation grants since 1996
  • Passing the 2 million dollar mark in state set-asides
  • Significant legislative accomplishments for our clients, including the passage, redesign, and blocking of legislation
  • Access to the Federal political power base
  • Access to the State political power base
  • Active involvement in localized economic development across the state
  • Garnering financial incentives for new Kentucky companies
  • Initiating new legislation and new law

In addition, our consulting expertise extends to the private sector in fields ranging from construction project management to military projects to graphic design and marketing. Bird Consulting Group, through our partnership network, is your government liaison and production business partner. We offer:

  • Project management services
  • Military contract consulting, including BRAC projects
  • Marketing/advertising consulting, including design and publishing
  • Public relations support for project development in local communities

Lastly, We employ capable, less-abled individuals and offer:

  • Access to reliable, conscientious employees who can do your job effectively
  • A dependable resource for piecework, packaging, shipping, shredding
  • Assembly services
  • Heavy duty sewing construction
  • Product Rework
  • Order Fulfillment
  • Quality inspection

By employing these often-neglected citizens, we not only provide competitive wages and full benefits, but also provide training, and renewed self-esteem for those citizens; we also provide top-quality craftsmanship for our client companies.

Kentucky Office: 611 Sawgrass Court - Richmond, KY 40475
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